Cavities are not Contagious = FALSE!

 It’s true!  Cavities are contagious! Here’s how it works:

The 2 types of bacteria that cause tooth decay, Strep Mutans and to a lesser extent, Lactobacillus are transmissable by human contact through saliva.  Common examples of transmission include:

      • From Mother to Child – decay-causing bacteria can be shared through eating utensils and straws.
      • “Kissing Disease” – this phenomon usually occurs during teenage years.  Youths that have been cavity-free for life suddenly develop cavities upon entering the dating scene.

The Good News:  We have the ability to test the bacteria in your saliva with a simple test kit With your test results in hand, we can help you create a defense plan to fight back and keep your mouth healthy!


Got Cavities? Stop Brushing!

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