Cavities are not Contagious = FALSE!

 It’s true!  Cavities are contagious! Here’s how it works:

The 2 types of bacteria that cause tooth decay, Strep Mutans and to a lesser extent, Lactobacillus are transmissable by human contact through saliva.  Common examples of transmission include:

      • From Mother to Child – decay-causing bacteria can be shared through eating utensils and straws.
      • “Kissing Disease” – this phenomon usually occurs during teenage years.  Youths that have been cavity-free for life suddenly develop cavities upon entering the dating scene.

The Good News:  We have the ability to test the bacteria in your saliva with a simple test kit With your test results in hand, we can help you create a defense plan to fight back and keep your mouth healthy!


About leverettdental
Dr. Jack Leverett Sr. and Dr. Jack Leverett Jr. practice general dentistry in Bainbridge, Georgia. They are well known for their family preventive dentistry services, and also provide dental restorative services, such as crowns, bridges and dentures to residents in the surrounding South Georgia community.

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