2016 Readers’ Choice Award

Thank You!  We are humbled to receive the prestigious Readers’ Choice Award for 2016!

leverett dental receives award


2015 Reader’s Choice Award

THANK YOU to our community for recognizing our practice for the Post-Searchlight Readers’ Choice Award!

local dentist award

2014 Post-Searchlight Readers’ Choice Award

THANK YOU  for honoring us for 2014!  We will continue to strive to earn and maintain your trust in us!

leverett dental honored by local news

Post Searchlight 2013 Readers’ Choice Award

We are so proud to be honored by the readers of the Post-Searchlight!  Thank You!

bainbridge dentist

Bainbrige Living Magazine Highlights Dr. Leverett’s ADI Fellowship Achievement

The Summer 2012 issue of Bainbridge Living Magazine features Dr. Leverett’s appointment as a Fellow in the Academy of Dentistry International.

“The Academy of Dentistry International is the international honor society for dentists dedicated to sharing knowledge in order to serve the dental-health needs and to improve the quality of life of people throughout the world. Through the development of fellowship and understanding, the Academy endeavors to create opportunities for service in order to assist in the establishment of a world at peace.”

We are very proud of Dr. Leverett’s accomplishment!

Visit the ADI web sitehttp://www.adint.org/

Dr Jack Leverett Bainbridge honors

Bainbridge Living Magazine

Post Searchlight 2nd Readers’ Choice Award!

We are thrilled to have been selected as “Readers’ Choice” for Dentists in Bainbridge for the 2nd year!

Thank you to all our loyal friends!

Leverett Dental readers choice

The PostSearchLight December 2011 Article

Dr. Jay Leverett receives the Reader’s Choice Award for #1 Dentist in Decatur County

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Cavities are not Contagious = FALSE!

 It’s true!  Cavities are contagious! Here’s how it works:

The 2 types of bacteria that cause tooth decay, Strep Mutans and to a lesser extent, Lactobacillus are transmissable by human contact through saliva.  Common examples of transmission include:

      • From Mother to Child – decay-causing bacteria can be shared through eating utensils and straws.
      • “Kissing Disease” – this phenomon usually occurs during teenage years.  Youths that have been cavity-free for life suddenly develop cavities upon entering the dating scene.

The Good News:  We have the ability to test the bacteria in your saliva with a simple test kit With your test results in hand, we can help you create a defense plan to fight back and keep your mouth healthy!

Got Cavities? Stop Brushing!

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